What to Look For in Boxing Headgear

What to Look For in Boxing Headgear

Boxing headgear has evolved since the padding became mandatory. A simple padded disc surrounding the head with ear protectors, and straps to wrapping around the cheeks was the first model of headgear to be used. Although still around today, this type of gear has opened the doors to much more advanced types of boxing headgear. It is important that a boxer be comfortable in the type of headgear their in, and to choose wisely based on their own unique style and training routine.

Full Faced Head Gear is disliked but ideal for amateur boxers or for the newbies just starting out. This type of headgear provides added cheek protection but also limits the fighters range of view. It is technically okay to use this headgear in an actual fight only if it does not impair ones line of vision.

What to look for in boxing headgear when it comes to sparring. When sparring a full line of vision is fine but not necessary. The facesaver is more padded and bulky with extra foam layers to reduce hit impact. The facesaver is a common favorite among fighters when sparring. Caged headgear will also work for sparring but usually by the truly glove shy.

There are many angles and questions to look at when selecting the right type of boxing headgear. Is the pad density right for you? Are you a little more glove shy and need extra face protection? Is this headgear heavy enough for you? Light enough? Look at your boxing style and the needs you have as a fighter so you know what to look for in boxing headgear.

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