Shadow Boxing

Shadow Boxing

Shadow Boxing – How Important? It is critical! The training is used for combat sports, and helps to improve overall performance.

Many boxing trainers instruct their students to shadow box before they do any other type of daily exercise. It is a great way to warm up. The athlete pretends to box his/her shadow on the wall. Sometimes a mirror is used, but no other equipment is needed. It helps to prepare muscles for other exercises and helps to maintain rhythm. Shadow Boxing – How Important? Important enough to use as a warm down activity as well! The long method involves shuffling the feet and rocking the body back and forth.

The short method involves moving the head and the body to the left and the right while constantly slipping punches. You are competing against yourself so to speak. This allows you to see what your strengths and weaknesses are. The mirror allows you to see what your actual opponent would see. Shadow boxing in slow motion is a great way to concentrate on perfecting your technique. It can be used as a substitute for heavy bag drills as well. Fighters from striking based martial arts benefit from shadow boxing. Joe Frazier and Mohammed Ali both loved to use the technique when they trained. It is recommended that you use music to get into a good rhythm, and intervals of 15 seconds of light boxing followed by intervals of 15 seconds of intense maneuvers.

Shadow boxing is a vital training tool used to prepare for matches. It requires the participation of only one person.

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