How to Train With a Speed Bag

When you train as an aspiring boxer, you want to use a variety of means to do it in order to maintain your excitement about boxing because the training could get boring at times. If this is your situation you should train with a speed bag because this technique strengthens your muscles, improves your stamina and contributes to weight loss as these are important in boxing. You can read books and brochures about boxing with a speed bag if you do not know how to get started, and you can also talk with your personal trainer.

Have The Speed Bag in The Correct Position

The first thing you should do is make sure the speed bag is in the right position because when it is not in the right position, you will not train effectively. The thick part of the speed bag should be positioned near your chin and chest area.

Stand Close But Not Too Close To The Speed Bag

You should stand close enough to the speed bag where you can get adequate and fast punches but you do not want to stand so close that you get hit in the face as you are punching the bag. You should make hard punches but at the same time you do not want to punch so hard that you hurt your knuckles.

Switch Hands When Boxing With Speed Bag

When punching on the speed bag, you want to change hands from time to time because as you alternate between hands, you are increasing the speed of your boxing. You can spend five to ten minutes boxing with the left hand and spend another ten minutes with the right hand. Another idea is to box using both hands at the same for increased stamina.

Focus Your Eyes On Middle of Speed Bag

Another thing you should do is focus your eyes and concentration on the middle part of the speed bag because this is where the most hitting will take place. Once you have become skilled in doing this you can try new hitting techniques with the speed bag. But if you are just getting started with this exercises you should target the middle of the bag.

Use Primarily Your Knuckles and Sides of Hands

When you punch the speed bag, it is important that you use mostly your knuckles and the sides of your hands because these are the best parts of your hand for maximum speed while boxing. When you box you should also start out slow then pick up the speed.

Keep Arms and Shoulders Raised

If you want to tone your arms and shoulders while using the speed bag, you should keep them raised as you punch the bag. This also maximizes the strengthening of your muscles during the exercise.

How Often to Do Speed Bag Exercises

When you do the speed bag exercises, you should do them at least once or twice a week because this is adequate for the goals you are trying to reach. Some people do them three or four times a week but it is not necessary.


Speed bag exercises improve your stamina, build muscle, increase endurance and it helps with weight loss. Speed bag exercises are also good for stress relief and they provide a way to get basic training as a beginner boxer. If you have a trainer, ask him about various exercises you can use for training with a speed bag. Also watch some online videos that give demos on this exercise. Finally, you can observe fellow boxers at the gym as they train with speed bags.

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