History of Boxing Gloves

The History of Boxing Gloves

Like many other things, the history of boxing gloves begins with the ancient Greeks. The ancient Greeks would wrap their hands in leather to protect their hands when fighting. You can even see carvings done by the ancient Egyptians boxing with just their bare hands. `Then we go to the Romans who attached studs and spikes to the leather on their hands to potentially harm their opponents.

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During this time, boxing become banned and did not show up again until the 1600s when padded boxing gloves were introduced. Before padded gloves it was simply just all leather used to protect the hands. Padded gloves were not used in formal boxing matches though and instead people would bare fist it. Too many people were dying from boxing this way though and so padded boxing gloves came into play by the 1800s to make the sport of boxing much safer.

The history of boxing gloves all leads up to how the sport utilizes the boxing gloves today. Gloves are very well padded to ensure the prevention of injuries. Sometimes the boxer will even tape up his hands like the ancient Greeks once did to add more protection from injuries. Boxing gloves now are determined by weight because the heavier they are, the safer they are. Boxers must wear gloves when fighting. It is now mandatory because of the previous injuries experienced in history from boxing. It is important that boxing gloves protect the wearer’s hands as well as the opponent’s target hitting areas.

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