Famous Olympic Boxers

The Olympics is more than just the traditional sports you see in these games such as figure skating, gymnastics, swimming, track and field and wrestling. Boxing is another well-known sport in the Olympic Games and our country has had its’ share of famous Olympians who excelled in boxing. The Olympics is about demonstrating courage, confidence and their skills and this is what the famous Olympic boxers exhibited over the years. You can read additional information about Olympic boxers in nonfiction books, academic journals and sports magazines.

Oscar De La Hoya

Oscar de la Hoya earned the gold medal for boxing at the 1992 Olympics in Barcelona Spain, and his exceptional boxing skills have gained him acclaim ever since. Oscar de La Hoya has appeared in several commercials and he is has been a source of inspiration for aspiring Hispanic heavyweight boxers who will become champions one day.

Joe Frazier

Joe Frazier won the gold medal for boxing in 1964 and when Muhammad Ali was banned from this sport in the 1960s because of his refusal of the draft, Joe Frazier took his place. Frazier’s career especially gained additional popularity in his matches with Muhammad Ali after Ali returned to boxing.

Teofilo Stevenson

Teofilo Stevenson was a Cuban boxer who won three gold medals in the following Olympic Games; 1972 games in Munich, 1976 games in Montreal and the 1980 games in Moscow. Stevenson started his boxing career at age seventeen in amateur boxing and is considered one of Cuba’s best boxers by many boxing critics. He also won medals in the World Amateur Championships and Pan American Games throughout the 1970s.

Muhammad Ali

In the 1960 Olympic Games in Rome, a new boxer turned the boxing upside down with his brash personality and superb boxing skills. This person was Muhummad Ali and he won the gold medal for boxing at the games. From that point on he became a household name despite his absence from boxing due to being banned because he refused the military draft.

Felix Savon

This Cuban boxer also took home three Olympic gold medals in the years 1992, 1996 and 2000. He never turned professional but like Teofilo Stevenson, a fellow Cuban boxer and Olympian, showed exceptional skills in boxing and represented Cuba well throughout his years as a boxer.

Female Boxers and London Olympics 2012

While it is true that a majority of Olympic boxing legends have been men, there is a growing number of females who are entering boxing professionally and for the first time in Olympics history this year, women’s boxing was introduced to the games. Marlen Esparza was the first U.S. female boxer to qualify for the London Olympics. Some sports critics and historians see this as a trend which could lead the way for the permanent involvement of female boxers in future Olympics games.


The above-mentioned famous Olympic boxers are known for their extraordinary boxing skills, achievements and overall character outside the ring. These Olympic boxers also represented their countries well and made an impression on all boxing fans. Today’s boxing superstars can learn from the Olympic boxing legends and they can have a blueprint that they can build their future successes on.

This is not to say that the Olympic boxing legends did not experience hardships, scandals and defeats in their quests for the medals but through this they persevered and this is a universal lesson that even non-sports fans should learn in life. The Olympic boxers transcended racial, socioeconomic and transnational boundaries, and they showed the world what confidence and persistence will do in a person’s life.

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