Boxing for Weight Loss


Boxing for Weight Loss


When you research creative ways to lose weight, you should consider boxing because it is a high-energy way of shedding the excess pounds. Boxing is also a good way to reduce stress instead of turning to emotional eating for stress relief. You will find at least one boxing club in your city and you can join the club for the purpose of getting boxing lessons from a trained and experienced boxer. Some good places to find good boxing gear include sporting goods stores, fitness equipment stores, thrift stores and garage sales. Here is more information on boxing for weight loss.


Bag Punching

One type of boxing you can do is bag punching. Bag punching is a technique in which you punch a bag with quick and hard jabs by using your fist and arm muscles. Bag punching strengthens your arm and abdominal muscles and this makes your body tone and well-sculpted. This is also a good form of cardio if you cannot afford exercise DVDs.


Boxing Offers A Quick Way To Lose Weight


The intensity and speed that is involved in boxing is one main reason why this exercise provides a quick way to lose weight. When you take up boxing for weight loss, you are able to strengthen your muscles, make the muscles lean and get many hours of aerobics all at the same time. This is better than regular exercise videos, which often focus on specific areas of the body.


Small Meals During The Day


Even if you are shedding the pounds through boxing, it is not enough to do this because you still need good nutrition so you will have the nutrients you need to have energy during the day. This is achieved by eating small meals during the day. When you eat small meals it is easier to digest and burn calories for weight loss.


Decide on A Boxing Schedule


Discipline is important in boxing because in order to get results, you will need to develop and maintain a regular boxing schedule. For example, if you work in the mornings and get off right after 6 p.m., you can do boxing exercises between 7 and 8 p.m.. Or if you primarily work during overnight hours, you can do exercises during the afternoon hours before heading to work.


Amount of Calories Burned During Boxing Exercises


According to Diet and Fitness magazine, if you weigh 160 pounds you can burn 214 calories in 30 minutes if you use a punching bag for boxing exercise. If you box with your trainer for 30 minutes you will burn 322 calories, and if you do kickboxing for 30 minutes you can burn 357 calories. This is proof that boxing offers a safe and fast route to losing weight permanently.


Talk With Doctor Before Boxing Workout


Before you start the boxing workout you should talk with the doctor because people with certain medical conditions may not be healthy enough for the workout. These illnesses include asthma, severe heart failure, joint problems and digestive illnesses. Once the doctor gives you the green light, you can research various ways to incorporate boxing into your routine.




Boxing workouts help you burn fat easily and they improve your stamina and release stress in your life. Choose a boxing club that has experienced trainers who can communicate well with you and who can deal with your strengths and weaknesses. If you are doing boxing exercises at home, you want to choose the right boxing equipment that best suits your needs and that is comfortable. Finally, stick to a regular schedule to get the most out of the workout.

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