Boxing at home training equipment

Boxing at home training equipment

If you want to start training to box however don’t have the time or just don’t want to go to a gym then you may want to just start from home. For some people boxing training at home may be more convenient or you may just want some equipment for boxing trailing at home to help with your gym training. Now the great thing about training from you is that there is not a lot of equipment to buy unless you really want it. You need to do your standard push ups and maybe a pull up bar and a timer so you can accurately time your trainings. (Your basic workout equipment) The equipment for boxing training at home that you will need is a speed bag platform, the heavy bag, and a double-end bag would be great as well.
Your speed bag platform is good to help you improve a lot of movements. It will help with your hand – eye coordination as well and increase your strength in your arms. As you increase your speed you will notice that your reflexes will improve as well. This is a must have in training for boxing whether you are at home or in a gym.

Another must have is the heavy bag. The bag is made of vinyl or leather and stuffed to weigh between forty and one hundred pounds. You can use your heavy bag for anything from just extra cardio to actually increasing the power behind your punches. The great thing about this bag is as you use this bag you will be giving your arms, back, shoulders, waist, chest, and even your leg muscles. This is used for a great workout!

The double ended bag (also has been known as a smart bag). This bag will also help your hand eye coordination however in a different way from the speed bag does. This helps teach to see things that are coming a little faster and continues like your human opponent would be. It is another must have. This bag and the speed bag platform are adjustable to make sure you have the correct height for your body. Working out in a gym is great however it is always good to have equipment for boxing training at home as well.

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